Smaller footprints…

Contribute to sustainability

By using Beautiful Cups, you contribute to more sustainability in your company, a better quality of life for humans and animals, and a cleaner environment.

All of this simply by reusing this sustainable coffee cup several times. The benefits of Beautiful Cups?





By using fewer cardboard coffee cups,you save money on purchasing, handling and waste processing.

Beautiful Cups contribute to the reforestation of the rainforest.

These coffee cups structurally contribute to greater sustainability through CO2 compensation, year in, year out.

Beautiful Cups support companies in achieving their CSR targets in the circular economy.


Let us show you with a simple calculation how you can cut costs with Beautiful Cups. On average, a company with 500 employees uses 2,000 coffee cups a day. That’s 500,000 cups a year. This concept guarantees that each cup costs no more than 0.01 euro per consumption. The result? A 50% decrease in the costs for ordering, storing, displaying and waste processing.


Nothing’s better than a cardboard coffee cup

Research by TNO shows that eco taxes are significantly lower when using cups instead of e.g. mugs. Cardboard coffee cups were even revealed as the best solution. No excuses! Start using the cardboard Beautiful Cups today!

Hard facts on CO2 emissions

Time for some hard facts: the reduction in timber logging saved through the example above is 2,200 kg of CO2. But you also save CO2 on transport and waste processing. And it goes without saying that our coffee cups are made using cardboard from FSC-certified woods.


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